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Poodle Puppy Wave

Yellow Dog Farm

Poodle puppies for service dogs, competition, and family pets.


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  • Miniature poodle puppies planned for Summer 2024!

  • Standard poodle puppies planned for Summer 2024 with a Guardian Home opportunity for a female!

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Our Mission

Awesome Puppies

Located in Berthoud, Colorado, we are breeders of AKC registered standard and miniature poodles. Our focus is to produce service dogs, beloved family pets, and stars in the show ring. Our poodles are loved and cared for as members of our family and that care shows in the awesome poodle puppies we produce!  When you buy a poodle from us you become part of the Yellow Dog Farm Family.  Bringing home a poodle puppy is the beginning of a rewarding adventure of companionship and unconditional love, and we are here for you every step of the way.  Contact us today to start your journey!

3 week old red poodle puppy

Our Program

Health Testing

We strive to produce the healthiest puppies possible.  All of our poodle parents are extensively health tested before breeding as recommended by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  We are happy to share results with you! 

Our Puppy Curriculum

Our poodle puppies are started with early neurological stimulation & scent introduction when they are only 3 days old!  We follow an advanced puppy curriculum which gives us the ability to give our puppies a strong start in life.  By introducing puppies to a variety of sounds, sights, and experiences during different developmental stages we encourage our puppies to have confidence in themselves and trust in humans.   Here are some of the things we work on before puppies go to their new homes:

  • Sound desensitization 

  • Touch desensitization 

  • New surfaces

  • Problem solving

  • Recall

  • Startle & recovery

  • Dog Door Training 

  • Introduction to water

  • Inside and outdoor experiences

  • Balance and coordination

  • Nail trims

  • Baths

  • Adventure walks

  • New people

  • New animals

  • New places

Temperament Evaluations

All of our poodle puppies undergo a temperament evaluation after they are 7 weeks old.  You will be able to view a video of each puppy’s evaluation and will receive a score card to help you interpret the results.  Each puppy has a unique personality, and this test helps you make an informed decision.

AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Certificate

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