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Yellow Dog Farm

Puppies with a purpose. 

Family pets and service dogs.

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Our Mission

Awesome Puppies

At Yellow Dog Farm, we strive to breed dogs that are family-friendly, healthy, easily trainable, and generally just awesome companions.  Our focus is to produce beloved family pets and working service dogs.  Our farm is named after our Labrador Retriever Belle, who inspired us to move to a small acreage in Berthoud to indulge in our love of animals.

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Our Program

Health Testing

We strive to produce the healthiest puppies possible.  All of the dogs used in our program are extensively health tested before breeding as recommended by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  We are happy to share results with you!


Our Puppy Curriculum

Our puppies are started with early neurological stimulation & scent introduction when they are only 3 days old!  We follow an advanced puppy curriculum developed by renowned breeder Jeanette Forrey.  As our puppies grow and develop they are exposed to new sights, sounds, and environments on a daily basis. When they leave our farm we want them to know that the world is safe, people are kind, and dogs are friendly.


Temperament Evaluations

All puppies at the Farm undergo a temperament evaluation after they are 7 weeks old.  You will be able to view a video of each puppy’s evaluation and will receive a score card to help you interpret the results.  Each puppy has a unique personality, and this test helps you make an informed decision.

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