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Our Dogs


Yellow Dog Farm all began with our lovable yellow Labrador Belle.  Our family lived in the suburbs with a small yard and an HOA and then we brought home a sweet yellow puppy full of love and adventure.   Belle inspired us to sell our house and move to a farm.  We changed our address, and our lifestyle because of her adventurous spirit.  She has been such a gift inspiring us to try new things and to embrace the beauty of the outdoors.

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Then a poodle?
Belle made me fall in the love with Labradors, so you may wonder how a Standard Poodle became the next member of the pack.  I was out shopping one day and met a woman who had the most beautiful dog.  The owner told me she had had poodles all her life and couldn’t imagine being without their gentle companionship.  Poodles are elegant, athletic, wickedly smart, and above all true loving companions.  And let me tell you, Mina is what I like to call a master cuddler!  I immediately began my search and brought my beautiful red standard poodle Mina home on Easter.

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Buffy the Poodle

One poodle is just never enough!  Buffy came from an amazing breeder in Texas called Independence Poodles.  She is beautiful, fun, and a little mischievous.  Buffy's favorite activities include long walks, playing in the fall leaves, and cuddling on the couch.  She just finished her UKC Championship in conformation and is working towards her Grand Champion title.

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Penny the Poodle

Mina makes the most wonderful puppies and I just had to keep one from her last litter!  Penny is a beautiful deep red and cuddles just like her mom.

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Betty the Miniature Poodle

The newest edition to our farm is a darling miniature poodle named Betty White!  We can't wait to see the incredibly cute and lovable puppies this girl produces in the future!  All the attributes that make poodles such amazing companions in miniature!

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