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Labradoodle (New Home Pending)

My girl Lucy, an F1 labradoodle, is ready for early retirement.  She produced an amazing litter of puppies, and has been a most excellent nanny to other litters, but after a fairly serious case of mastitis with her first litter I have decided to spay her.  The health and well-being of my dogs is extremely important to me, and I want her to live a long, healthy, and spoiled life that she deserves.  Lucy is about 70lbs, and does shed, but her personality is exceptional.  She is great with dogs, cats, puppies, kids, and loves everyone she meets.  She travels extremely well, and is just happy to be with her people, no matter what they are doing.  She is crate trained, housebroken, and has the best recall of any of my dogs.  If you feel like Lucy may be a good fit please message me for more information.

Available Retired Dogs: Image
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