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Guardian Home Program

What is Guardianship?

A Guardian or Guardian Family is a person or household that agrees to keep and look after a breeder's dog.  Dog breeders use Guardians to ensure that their breeding dogs have happy and healthy lives as the pet of a loving family.  The Guardianship is defined by a contract with specific terms and responsibilities for a set period of time.  When the breeding dog is ready to retire, he/she is spayed/neutered and then legal ownership is transferred to the Guardian Family. 

If the dog is a female, she would come back to me to whelp and raise her litter for approximately 7-9 weeks, every 6-12 months.  If the dog is a male, he would simply have to be available to perform services as needed.

Guardian's Responsibilities:

  • Live within 1 hour of Berthoud, CO

  • Be willing to work with me on transportation for breeding and whelping.

  • Be willing to cover all normal costs for food, routine vet care, and grooming.

  • Feed the dog a high quality pet food as approved by the breeder.

  • Own your own home with a fenced yard, with plans to remain in the same home (or within the same driving distance) for the duration of the guardian contract.

  • Always keep your dog on a leash, and do not allow them to visit dog parks or doggy day care.

  • To train the dog/puppy with basic obedience and proper socialization.

  • For a female, be comfortable using washable or disposable doggy diapers when she is in heat.  You must notify the breeder as soon as her heat cycle begins.  You must also be willing to refrain from visiting the guardian dog while she is out our home raising her litter.  This is in the best interest of the mom and the puppies.  Virtual visits using FaceTime or Zoom will be available during these times.

  • For a male, when he is needed to perform he must be available every other day for up to 3 breedings.  This may be done at the breeder's home or a vet clinic.  He will essentially be "on call," but you will be given as much notice as possible.

Breeder's Commitment:

  • To cover all reproductive related expenses.

  • To breed a female 3-5 times.

  • To transfer ownership to you at the end of the guardianship contract.

If you are interested in joining the Guardian Program please fill out the application below.

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Available Guardian Opportunities

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Guardian Home Application

Please fill out this form as thoroughly and honestly as possible.  We will contact you within 1-2 business days.

Is your yard securely fenced?
We retain ownership of all dogs in our guardian program until retirement. We plan on 3-5 litters from each female. Is this something you are ok with?

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

Guardian Home Program: Job Application
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