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5 Tips to Prepare for your new Poodle Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy is so exciting! They are just about the cutest little creatures on the planet, and they have so much love to give. Shopping for your new puppy can be a lot of fun, but before you head out to the pet store think about these 5 things first so you can start off the right way. Don’t worry though, if you want a rundown on all the best puppy gear, that will be my next post!

1. Set Up a Safe Space

The first thing I recommend before bringing your new poodle puppy home is setting up a contained, safe place for your puppy. Puppies are just like toddlers in that put everything in their mouths and many household items such as cleaners, electrical outlets, and even one of your kid’s socks left on the living room floor can pose risks if swallowed. Being able to put your puppy in a safe place whenever you can’t watch them is a life saver for you and for your puppy. Puppies also need a great deal of sleep for their physical health and mental well-being and so by giving them a place that is just for them you can make sure they get plenty of rest and time to decompress. One of my favorite set ups is a puppy pen with a crate. You can include some safe puppy toys, a water dish, and even a potty area if you will have to leave your puppy alone for extended periods of time. In my setup, I put down some waterproof, washable mats to protect the floor. A scrap of linoleum from the hardware store can also be a great way to protect flooring. Disposable potty pads are a great way to contain messes if you need to leave your puppy for an extended period of time. Some puppies like to shred these, and a potty pad holder may be a good idea too. If you would like more details about specific products I recommend, stay tuned for my next post!

1. Make a Schedule

Puppies thrive on routine and so thinking about how best to fit a puppy into your day-to-day life before they come home can reduce stress, both for you and your new puppy! Planning mealtimes, naptimes, and potty times can help your puppy adjust to their new home more smoothly. Make sure to have some flexibility with your schedule and adjust as needed if something isn’t working well. I also encourage you to keep notes of when your puppy goes potty and when they like to nap. This can help you anticipate their needs and get everyone in the same routine much faster.

3. Work as a Pack

Make sure everyone in your family is on the same page before you bring your puppy home. Consistency is key in successful housebreaking and puppy training. If one person in the household allows the puppy to break the rules, it can make it much more difficult to stop unwanted behaviors. Children especially need to learn not only how to train the family puppy, but also how to interact properly with dogs. We all love to cuddle and play with puppies, but puppies also need to be treated with respect. Teach kids how to give the puppy space when they are tired or eating, to handle the puppy in a gentle, respectful way, and make them a part of training the puppy to become a well-behaved dog. With everyone working together, your puppy will grow to become not only a well love member of the family, but also a well behaved one!

4. Make a Training Plan

Whether you are bringing home your first puppy, or you have had dogs all your life, lining up some training resources in advance can be very helpful. An online puppy school like Baxter and Bella can provide you with several resources to help you with everything from potty training to trouble shooting problem behaviors as your puppy grows. They provide a variety of resources such as prerecorded training videos and even live one-on-one consultations with pro trainers. They are great at helping you create puppy schedules and getting your kids involved too! I am a part of their affiliate program and if you use the code YDF25 you will get 25% off their membership fee. Check them out and you will have an excellent resource for starting off just right with your new puppy.

5. Patience

Remember to have patience with your new puppy. They can be naughty at times, and a little sleep deprivation may result as they are learning to sleep through the night, but remember, most puppies are only 8 weeks old when you bring them home. That means they have only been on this planet for two months. They need your love, your understanding, and your patience. Enjoy the journey of watching your puppy learn and grow, know the sleepless nights and messes will be short lived, and in the end, you will be rewarded with the most unconditional love you have ever known.


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