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Bringing Home a Puppy from Yellow Dog Farm

Each litter will have a reservation list, one for the male puppies and one for the female puppies.  All puppies at the Farm undergo a temperament evaluation when they are 7 weeks old.  After this official evaluation, clients choose their puppy in order of when they made their reservation.  I will do my best to answer any questions you may have, but ultimately the choice will be yours!   If for whatever reason we cannot find a good match when it is your turn to choose your puppy, you do have the option to move your reservation to the next available litter.  
*Note: Seller reserves the right to first pick from any litter.

Pricing and Process: Welcome


Standard Poodles $1800 plus sales tax

Puppies are sold with Limited AKC registration.  Full AKC registration (breeding rights) is offered on a case by case basis.  For inquiries, please email a thorough description of your program & breeding goals to

Pricing and Process: Price List

Reservation List

1.  Kate Schwach (Mina's Litter, Male)
2.  Brie Laughlin (Mina's Litter)
3.  Kitty and Frank Dilatush (Mina's Litter, Male)

Pricing and Process: Text

Picking a Yellow Dog Farm Puppy


1. Reservation Fee

Pay your $300 reservation fee and fill out the reservation form.  This fee will go toward the total purchase price of your puppy.

2.  My Puppy Page

Once you have reserved your spot you will be able to log in to the My Puppy Page for current photos and updates of how the puppies are doing and important dates to remember.

3. Virtual Visit

Once the puppies are about 4 weeks old, we will schedule a virtual visit in the form of a Zoom meeting.  I will be able to show you each puppy individually and answer any questions you have.  Remember, puppies at 4 weeks old still have a great deal of growing to do, so don’t get too attached at this point, wait for those evaluations!

4.  Puppy Evaluations

Once the puppies are 7 weeks old, you will be able to access puppy evaluation videos and score cards to begin determining which puppies might be a good fit for your family.

5.  Go Home Day!

Once the puppies are 8 weeks old, it is time to come pick your puppy and take them home! On "Puppy Go Home Day," clients will schedule a 30 minute time slot to visit with their favorite 2-3 puppies from the temperament videos, make their final selection, & take their puppy home. Final payment is due at this time.

Pricing and Process: List
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