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Recommended Products

Some products are available on Amazon which I get a small commission for, others are just products I love and want to share with you.  Every item listed below is something I use for my dogs and puppies.

Food & Treats

Nutrisource Puppy Food

Nutrisource Puppy Food

This is the food we feed our puppies.

Pupford Training Treats

Pupford Freeze-Dried Treats

A single ingredient treat perfectly sized for training your puppy.

Nutrisource Turkey and Rice

Nutrisource Turkey & Rice

This is the food we feed our adult dogs.

treat pouch

Woofhoof Dog Treat Pouch

An excellent accessory for storing plenty of treats when training.

Basis pet bowls in stands

Basis Pet Bowls

Quality stainless steel bowls made in the USA.

Bully sticks

Best Bully Sticks

An all natural and easily digestible chew that my dogs love!

Leashes, Collars, and Training Acessories

mendota braid collar

Mendota Pet Double Braid Collar

This a great first collar for a puppy. It is soft and easy to adjust.  Follow their sizing recommendations before you order.

Mendota Snap Leash

Mendota Pet Snap Leash

These rope leashes are soft and comfortable to hold.  They come in a variety of lengths, widths, and colors.  A 4' leash is my favorite length for walking my dogs

long leash

16' Training Leash

An extra long leash is great for training commands like recall.  

Mendota rolled leather collar

Mendota Pet Leather Rolled Collar

A high quality rolled leather collar can help prevent your poodle's coat from developing matts.

Mendota Martingale Leash

Mendota Martingale Leash 

This is the first leash and collar I use to start training puppies for the show ring.

groovy pawz bags

Groovy Pawz Bags

Always make sure to pick up after your pup with biodegradable pet waste bags.


earthbath brand puppy shampoo

Earthbath Puppy Shampoo

A gentle formula, with minimal ingredients made in the USA.

CC dematting brush

Chris Christensen Slip Brush

An essential brush to help remove tangles.  My favorite pin brush.

nail trimmers

Miller's Forge Nail Trimmers

These are quality nail clippers that I use for my lab and my poodles.

chris christensen big g dog slicker brush

Chris Christensen Slicker Brush

The ultimate slicker brush for poodle coats!

tear stain comb

Petpost Tear Stain Comb

The perfect comb to remove those little eye crusties!

Cotton Rounds

Cotton Rounds

I use these with the eye rinse to clean away eye debris and stains.

dog nail grinder

Dremel Nail Grinder

The ultimate tool for nice short, smooth nails.

andis brand steel pet comb

Andis Steel Comb

Use a metal comb to check for tangles after brushing!

dematting comb

Dematting Fur Rake

The only way to remove stubborn matts.

shelandy dryer

Shelandy Force Air Dryer

A reasonably priced dryer to fluff dry those curly poodle coats.

Crates & Gates

Midwest Dog Crate

Midwest Dog Crate

An essential in puppy house training and keeping them safe!

soft dog crate beds

Luxury Minky Cuddle Fur Pads

The softest and most durable crate pads you can find!

Evenflo play pen

Evenflo Play Space

Another handy space to keep your puppy safe.


kong cozie stuffed alligator dog toy

Kong Cozie Alligator

A durable stuffed toy your puppy will love.

Kong Cozie Blue Dog stuffed toy

Kong Cozie Blue Dog

A durable stuffed toy your puppy will love.

Kong Binky dog chew toy

Kong Binky

A fun chew toy you can fill with different treats.

Benebone Puppy Wishbone Bacon Flavor

Benebone Puppy Wishbone

My dogs love the bacon flavor of this chew toy.

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